Cloud Services for FairCoop

fairkom is providing cloud services to members and promoters of the FairCoop community.

Get a Single-Sign-On account here (provide your normal e-mail account when asked). In case you want to edit FairCoop files in nexctcloud, please ask to be put it in the group here.

Use the following services with fairlogin:

  • - Chat Service
    • some Telegram groups mirrored
    • fully integrates Audio/Videoconferencing
  • - Issue Tracker
  • - Dokuwiki
  • nextcloud at 
    • nextcloud file store (with file sharing and syncing with your desktop)
    • nextcloud calendar (sync with your smartphone e.g. with DavDroid)
    • nextcloud addressbook
    • E-mail client (in progress)
    • Bookmarks
    • Deck (kanban board)
  • GroupOffice with
    • free e-mail account with your domain Due to the re-engineering of the login system, we are currently not issuing new e-mail accounts for GroupOffice automatically. If there is an urgent need please submit an issue here.
    • files (downloads and uploads seamless to your desktop when Java is installed
    • calendars
      • tasks
      • sync files via owncloud (pro feature)
      • access your private mails with your e-mail address

    Not yet connected to Single-Sign-On:

    • Webseite
    • (Discourse, Ivan)
    • (Redmine, Ivan)
    • OCP

      Please use the gitlab issue tracker to provide feedback on fairlogin services or if you would like to add a service or need a special login (with e-mail or in faircoop group) or if you want to federate your ID server. See also for a complete list of services available by fairkom.

      is an open collective for equality, ecology and a fair economy, strongly committed to use open source technology.

      Pick up an open task

      Translations, graphical design, software development or testing? If you really want to lend a hand and help the FairCoop ecosystem growing, do not hesitate to browse our to do list. We are managing open tasks with gitlab and remunerate your effort with up to € 10.- per hour (or its FairCoin equivalent) in FreedomCoop's Open Cooperative Platform. Get in touch with us in the Open Coop Work chat group.  If you are a software developer, you may also have a look at the FairCoin group at github (Python, C++, Java) or join the OCP team (Django, Python).