Sponsoring & Donations

We support others or you support us

We work sustainably and take and provide support.

Our IT infrastructure has to be maintained and managed: connectivity, backups, server, updates, support. IT services are part of auxiliary operations to achieve the association's goals. Therefore, we have price lists and we send invoices to customers, which in turn pay our bills.


If your initiative has almost no budget, then we can arrange a sponsoring agreement. You tell us what you need and what you can give. Usually, we expect:

  • integration of the fairkom logo on your homepage with a link to fairkom.eu and in other media (posters, flyers)
  • testimonial on our website, which we can also use, for example, for our newsletter
  • a proposal for a low-budget or non-monetary compensation

Here are the templates as png and the download svg or pdf for printing:



Our FairCoin address

We do not offer shares nor will ever sell our society - our statutes do not allow it.

You would like to support our work? You may pick a project and contribute to its development. For this, we can also issue an invoice, if you want to use the results. You can also decide to make a donation to an account of fairkom here:

  • Volksbank Vorarlberg, BIC VOVBAT2B, IBAN AT204571000351001042
  • Fair-Coin address fJMoFWXrzeLnvHnyHexkX4aNfJTW5zahwz

Scan the address with a QR scanner on your phone to trigger a transaction, in case you have FairCoins to spend.


If you would like to support us, we are always glad to hear what you can offer:

  • translation
  • graphical work
  • system administration
  • customer support
  • programming

If you want to work with us more closely, you may consider to become a member of the fairkom association or a patrner of osAlliance.